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Head-end operation

DTT – Digital Terrestrial Television:

NEP Media Services operates the broadcasting center for Norway's DTT system. This transmission platform covers 98 percent of the Norway's population.

We collects signals from different sources, convert them to the right format and then distributes them to 11 regional TV-areas. All content and services are monitored on behalf of NTV, which holds the license for DTT.
Further more NEP Media Services guarantees that the services offered work optimally on all approved set-top boxes sold on the DTT market.

IPTV - Internet Protocol Television:
As one of the pioneers in IPTV in Norway, NEP Media Services has been involved in the development and operation of professional IPTV head-end services since the beginning of this millennium.  We have developed comprehensive competence and expertise in the planning, design, implementation, operation and monitoring of state-of-the-art IPTV services. We get the signals either from our distribution center in Oslo or through local head ends where this is most expedient.

CATV - Cable Television:
NEP Media Services operates a couple of CATV head ends and smaller CATV networks. Our experience with IPTV and DTT enables us to leverage this knowledge to operate key components of CATV installations.

OTT - Over The Top:
There is currently a great deal of focus on the rapidly developing field of OTT delivery of broadcast transmissions. Many TV content providers and distributors are looking into multi-screen or hybrid solutions to get their content to the consumer. OTT covers everything from video on demand (VOD), the streaming of additional channels that are not initially part of a package of channels, to new services like "catch-up TV" - remote storage of TV-channels so that the user can watch TV-programs that aired up to a week earlier. One of our customers, RiksTV, has made major investments in this product area. NEP Media Services plays a key part in these efforts by helping to develop the services and operating the OTT platform.

NEP Media Services offers a broad repertoire of expertise, as well as the operation and installation of OTT and multi-screen solutions.