Studio Productions

Our central studio is an approximately 400 m2 room located on the same floor as all control-, commentary- and editing-rooms, in addition to all other necessary facilities such as makeup-booths, food court, meeting rooms, waiting areas for guests and working areas for our customers’ editorial staff.

The studio can be divided into two separate studios by a mobile, sound proof partition wall. This enables us to run two studio productions simultaneously. 
Both studios have extensive pre-cabling for video, audio, control, network, DMX for lighting, and camera-fibers or other signals.
 Also, all necessary power is available in an adjacent dimmer-room with easy cable access into the studios. The studios have a complete lighting grid at 4,5 meter height in the entire area. Both studios have full ventilation and separately controllable air condition systems.
 The HD-control room is a spacious room containing all necessary production positions. There are three rooms in connection to the control room: One room for technical operations, one graphics/analysis room and one sound control room.