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The 'Upload' module is designed for media delivery. Primarily used for master, promo and commercial deliveries to TV-channels. The application is accessed through an online portal using an ordinary browser. Registered users are granted access and rights set by the administrator. For production and/or post-production, content suppliers will be able to upload files using a form adapted to the recipient's needs and the type of content.

The form collects requisite data about files scheduled for delivery to ensure that further processes are as streamlined and efficient as possible. It will assign a name to the content, making it easy for the recipient to keep track of the content and revisions. This lays the foundation for a database that optimizes content delivery, making it as easy as possible. The database can subsequently be built out to include useful information about statistics, invoicing and other success factors.

The illustration shows an example of what an upload form for a TV master might look like.

Ad delivery

Ad delivery, is the version of Upload designed for ads.

The naming process is often simpler, and related to the name of the ad, campaign and product. In this context, AC Nielsen codes are added for the media that requires it. Self-composed codes can also be generated, a function that is practical not least in a scenario where the same film will be screened through many different channels, e.g. broadcast, Internet TV, etc.